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Our Services

What We Provide

One-to-one Counselling (On-line or In Person)

I am a fully qualified BACP accredited counsellor, and will provide you with a tailored and caring approach to your well-being. Taking the first step can be very difficult and I offer a free 30 minute consultation to help ensure we are the right fit and ease any concerns you may have.

Life coaching
Jogging Partners


If you are looking for a dynamic coach who can help get you motivated in health, mental well-being, performance development and life transitions, look no further. We will work on a plan built around you to turn those goals and aspirations into reality.

Employee Listening Service

We will work closely with you to discover the needs of your company and help increase productivity by offering a listening service to your employees. Showing your staff that you are willing to invest in their wellbeing is the first step towards a happier and more effective workplace.

Group Discussion
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