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My Story

How I Began


Hello, my name is Susan and I’ve been a one to one facilitator in various roles throughout my career and have many years experience working on building confidence and self worth through a long career as a vocal coach.


This led me to training as a counsellor and psychotherapist with a huge passion to help others.  I specialise in working closely with each individual through collaborative and dynamic dialogue. If you require one-to-one counselling, I can provide support in various avenues including, confidence, relationships, anxiety, motivation, goal setting and more.

If you are looking for a targeted results approach, I can provide individual coaching which may include motivational work, well-being focus and goal driven tasks.  


The employee listening service is an extension of the aforementioned. The essence of my work is to enable clients to identify areas for concern, growth and further development in order to engage in effective productivity levels while at work and beyond.


I also work with performers looking to develop skills to aide performance anxiety, procrastination, imposter syndrome and more.

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